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Hey SLP, are you ready to get your valuable time, energy, and life back?

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Hey SLP, are you ready to get your valuable time, energy, and life back?

Let use do the planning and supply unlimited resources while you enjoy life!

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What SLPs Are Saying:


I usually don't leave reviews, but this resource is so amazing that I feel it is necessary to let as many people know as possible that they need this!!!!!! I have used these with students age 3-8 so far, with the older children having the more severe disabilities. They have loved moving the pictures, doing the actions, and I'm amazed at how easily they catch on to the pattern. Thank you for making these! - Marissa

Look no further, this bundle is comprehensive and loaded with plenty of activities to make your planning your sessions easy and fun! Highly recommend! - Heidi
 INVENTIONS THAT HAPPENED BY ACCIDENT (for reading comprehension)
This has engaged even the most hesitant learners. I’m a middle school SLP, and some students dread coming or complain when I make them do work (shocking!!). When I introduce the topic of inventions created by accident, they were engaged immediately. I love that the passages are short but packed with info, the questions are great, and they give a great variety of types of questions. I also love the extra activity it asks students to do on the back! All the passages are fascinating for my students (and me too!!)  - Shannon


My kids love this! Not just for inferencing but also interpreting pragmatics. They like to respond with what should have been said or with "That's not how you use a text message." It has brought forth so many great conversations during our sessions. - Julianne
This resource is so fun, engaging, and relevant to this age group. I can target so many different areas of language and many goals like vocabulary, inferencing, syntax, question/respond, topics of conversation, wh- questions, etc. I love that it is practical and relatable to middle school and high school kids. Thank you! - Carina 


This resource is *so* complete. The amount of verbs it contains, plus the data sheets, the sorting pages, the deck covers?? I have a lot of materials that address verbs, but this is everything you need all in one place. - Billie

I love all of your open-ended resources for mixed groups, and so do my students! The level or engagement is off-the-charts when I use this type of activity!  - Rebecca


In 2013 I made my first purchase from Mia McDaniel. It was a QR code product which was all the rage at the time. That was followed by another purchase and another and another for a total of 74 paid products! Add to this number freebies and Boom decks and we're in the triple digits. Mia is an amazing speech-language pathologist. She is knowledgeable, ethical, reasonable, and compassionate. The hallmarks of her cutting-edge style are creating materials that are at once creative, motivating, and effective. Mia is careful to use research-based strategies while also incorporating the other two prongs of evidence-based practice - client preference and clinical experience. Mia has a wealth of clinical experience to draw from. I am so excited to see how this next venture unfolds. I am certain she will offer her customers the same quality of materials and expertise we have come to enjoy for over a decade. - Anne


I've been using Mia's products for years! When I was first out of grad school and working in public schools, I was really struggling with my planning, especially with mixed groups. Her open-ended products saved me and made my job SO much easier! She has such a wide variety of themes that I can use year-round, and they always keep my kids engaged and excited to come to therapy. I also love her variety of higher-level language materials. They make those older elementary groups much easier to plan for. Fast forward 9 years, I own a private practice and still use Mia's materials ALL the time. I am so thankful that she has spent so much time and effort into product creation because it makes life on this end much easier and SO MUCH FUN! - Angela 

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